David Silverman

Hey, my name’s David. I’m a brand strategist, marketer, and product leader based in Brooklyn, NY. I like to think I was gluten free before it was cool and I listen to Rap before I go to bed. 

I got my BA from Northwestern University, where I majored in Communication Studies and minored in Creative Writing.

I craft powerful stories for meaningful brands and bring new ideas to life through sticky product experiences. Currently, I do that at Wild.


Wild is building the home for experiential digital art through an artist residency and a curated drop platform.

At Wild, I manage the artist residency and have recruited and manage programming for more than 100 artists to date. Additionally, I lead the product management for art collections and the sales mechanics and interfaces for their drops.

Product Management
Project Management
Art Direction
Creative Production
Marketing Communications


Brewbike was founded in 2015 by a group of undergraduates at Northwestern. The mission driven start-up operated student-run cafes on college campuses across the country and sold cold brew kits to thousands of customers online.

At Brewbike I lead content, and design teams to execute marketing campaigns, and creative development. Additionally, I led a multi-agency, award-winning strategic rebrand in the summer of 2020 after heading a pivot to DTC as a response to COVID-19.

Art Direction
Agency Management     
E-Commerce Development
Marketing Communications
Social Media Management

Sunshine Enclosures

Sunshine Enclosures creates bespoke package for industry-leading cannabis brands like Dogwalkers, LoudPack, KingPen, and many more. 

As Contract Creative Director, I developed the brand strategy and guidelines for the new venture. Additionally, I directed the launch shoot and developed and launched the MVP website. I also led design teams to design and develop packaging for DadGrass and OnePen. I also facilitated new client acquisition alongside the CEO, and co-produced sampling events.

Brand Development
Art Direction
Photography Direction
Website Design & Development
Event Production
Product Design